COVID-19 pandemic has proven to be disastrous for health and the economy around the world. Adverse impacts of COVID-19 have been unprecedented.

Life Lessons To Learn from Children

Life Lessons To Learn from Children

Children are innocent and full of immense talent but they may not know much about the world. It is a lot of fun for children to understand things and to do new things. They look closely at things and..

Women Entrepreneur

Women Entrepreneur: 5 Tips to Success

Women have a pleasing element of humility to them, they like to give back, share and create a better environment for everyone. There remains a need for greater access to practical support when it comes to…

WOMEN EDUCATION Free Online Tools To Upgrade Your Skills

WOMEN EDUCATION Free Online Tools To Upgrade Your Skills

When the world has digitised in all possible ways, the ease of getting valuable education and upgrading..

Activities to fight COVID 19

Activities to fight COVID 19

During the challenging times of this pandemic worldwide, Youth Veerangnayen have tried their best and acted upfront to help as much as possible.


Women Empowerment- The Change Starts From You!

One of the most challenging and popular task in India is Women empowerment. The gender based discrimination is deep..

Gokulpur 8 May 2022 Mother_s day

Mother- the foundation of life, world and society!

‘God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers’ ~ Rudyard Kipling If you start surfing for some possible good quotes

Save The Girl Child, Save The World!

The life of a girl is not so easy, the battle for her life commences right from the day she is conceived in her mother’s womb

Empower the women

Empower the women- Change the world!

You might be reading the newspaper or listening to news bulletins concerned with the incidents and accidents happening