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Child Education

Education is the non-negotiable right of every child. Education is in fact the only ladder for the growth and prosperity of human beings. Youth Veerangnayen focuses on providing education to those in the marginalized communities that do not have access to quality education through conducting free tuition centres. Education is an important tool that enables one to participate in decisions that affect their lives and in improving their social status. We believe education to children is the best option to address the issues of protection, well-being and safeguarding their rights. We believe an educated mind will stop men and women from succumbing to patriarchal attitudes and empower women to stand up for themselves.

Child education is the foundation of any society. The values, principles and morals imbibed within a child serve as the basis of his beliefs in future. Good child education is hence, the best investment any society needs to make for its own future.

Study Center

We visit slum areas and indulged in dialogue with families about the role of education in their children’s life. While many of them did want it for their kids, there were many issues with regards to time and finances. Because most children from poor families went to work with family members to earn their livelihood. Youth Veerangnayen started free evening study centres and kept the timing flexible. Children loved to come to study in these centres as earlier they were not able to go to schools. Initially they faced learning difficulties, but with assistance from tutors they were able to grasp the basics. Youth Veerangnayen helped create awareness by explaining to communities how education can be helpful in their future. Gradually the families of these underprivileged children started cooperating and started sending their children to these study centres without any hesitation. Youth Veerangnayen wishes to see the change in the society with this humanitarian supportive work and encourage others to do the same.