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In Hindu mythology, the word “VEERANGANA (वीरांगना)” symbolizes “a female warrior” on the battlefield. In today’s context the same principle is applied with the arms being education, self reliance, resilience and new economic opportunities as communities rebuild.

Youth Veerangnayen aims towards making women independent by imparting education, vocational trainings, skill development, counseling and essential amenities to the underprivileged to the best possible extent in order to make them stand with dignity and self respect in society.

The Youth Veerangnayen strongly believes and promotes its theme “EmPOWERing YOU!!!” . Join us in our cause if you also think on similar lines and share same sentiments.

New Ray of Hope

Since 2010, Youth Veerangnayen has been involved actively in uplifting the state of Indian females. Youth Veerangnayen is a non political, non religious and not-for-profit NGO, came into existence on August 31, 2010, established to empower females by relentlessly working in providing equal access towards quality education, life care and vocational skills.