Children are innocent and full of immense talent but they may not know much about the world. It is a lot of fun for children to understand things and to do new things. They look closely at things and try to understand them with their imagination. But as we grow and move towards adulthood, our attitude of thinking changes. Adults are busy and forget all the joys of living, which children never forget. They are always ready to take risks and looking forward to do new things.

Sometimes an adult wants to be a child again which is impossible but we can learn some important life lessons from children. As adults we must learn from children to live life happily. But what other life lessons should we learn?

Here are these life lessons:-

1. New Onset Daily

New Onset Daily
Children leave and forget their previous day mistakes, worries and tensions. They start every new day with a ☺️ smile. Remember 💭 when we were children, we never used to carry our troubles from one day to the next but when we become adult, we carry all our previous day troubles into the new day. New day means new opportunities, new friends and a chance to explore new adventures. Always start a new fresh day like children.

2. Honesty

Children are always honest with everyone. Adults can learn honesty from children, whatever the situation is, we should be honest as children are. But usually adults set bad example in front of their children, consciously or sub-consciously. Formexample, whenever you get a call from your boss, you might lie in front of your children but in similar cases you can notice that your child is honest, he immediately will tell the truth.

Children can express their feelings freely but adults cannot because they have a fear of being judged or rejected. As an adult you can express yourself as children do.

3. Be Courageous and Don’t let your failures to pull down.

3 Be Courageous and Don%u2019t let your failures to pull down
Children do not focus on failures, they try to do new things from actions. But once we reach adulthood we stop taking risks, and always go for safer things which prevent us from learning something new. When we were children we would build a sand castle knowing that it would not be easily built and if it is built it will fall soon. But still we constantly tried and made that. Children have the courage to do every task and they never lose courage even if they fail, but they are ready again on the second day to complete the unfinished work.

4. Always hopeful and optimistic

Always hopeful and optimistic
Children usually play building blocks game and they keep on trying until the entire blockhouse was built. They are always ready to take risks because they are optimistic. Children are never afraid to play new sport that they have never tried before. As adults we are confined to our comfort zones only. We don’t want to take risk.

5. Entertainment

Leave behind your all worries and tensions and just have fun for a moment.

Children, even if busy in their work, sometimes sing out loud and enjoy every moment. Children are always ready to enjoy, and when they enjoy they forget all their worries and tensions.

For an adult It is difficult to have fun in this tough world but we have to do it to make our life more joyous.

6. Notice little things.

Notice little things
If we see little things we realize that they are not little, they are big things.

My brother loves watching Ants in his childhood. He always notices their little legs and also how they carry food by putting it into their mouths. As ants always move in a queue. This gives him immense happiness and joy. Sometimes these little things give us immense pleasure and profound inspiration. As adults we also should notice little things like children do.

7. Live happily in the present moment

Live happily in the present moment
Children are always happy in their present and do not worry about the future but adults do not live in their present, they always worry about future due to which they keep a new level of stress and unhappiness. If we are happy in our today, then only we can make our future bright and happy.

8. Limitless Imagination

Limitless Imagination
When children imagine, they imagine infinitely.

Children aren’t afraid of anything. They keep imagining new things. But when children move towards adulthood, they limit themselves. Adults are afraid that something might go wrong. Adults are afraid of taking risks that’s why they bind their imagination.

For example, when a child sees a butterfly, he/she starts drawing the butterfly with his/her imagination and thinks that the butterfly must have flown into the sky or it will have a house too.

Likewise children an adult should also imagine unbounded and do new creative things.

9. Fostering friendship and leadership qualities

Fostering friendship and leadership qualities
Children play games with friends, go to birthday parties, share their thoughts and also enjoy with their peers. They have leadership qualities and they lead their friendship groups.

Nurturing friendship is very important because good friends change your life and help you to achieve success in life. But adults have hardly one or two friends, they only talk for work purposes. They do not share their feelings. Don’t bind your happiness, enjoy with friends and do new creative things like children.

There are many ups and downs in the life of an adult, but always see children who are learning to walk, they fall and then walk again. Children never give up and then finally succeed while staying happy.