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Struggle Against Social Evils

Female Foeticide- A Shame For The Society

Female Foeticide

Female foeticide has long depicted the shameful mentality of the society against girl child. It is a matter of utter shame that in this phase of the twenty first century, when girls and women are rising to be successful and outstanding in every phase, the bias in the society towards them still remains the same.
Youth Veerangnayen has taken up this responsibility to act to this unacceptable condition of the society. Among many steps in this direction by Youth Veerangnayen, most important ones include spreading awareness, providing free women education, making women self-reliant by opening free stitching centers, beauty training centers, etc.

Youth Veerangnayen have paid special attention to teaching self-defence to girls and women and have been organising karate and other self-defence sessions for the same. This not only makes women independent but gives them the confidence to feed their families and give education to their children. Other than these, Youth Veerangnayen have been organising women healthcare campaigns across villages, slums and towns, especially for pregnant women. Such healthcare campaigns have raised awareness at a great level across these areas and provided women with basic health education, that allows them to raise healthier families. Women health is therefore an essential part of women empowerment that Youth Veerangnayen has always paid close attention to.
We need to understand the imminent future of a society where an evil like female foeticide prevails. Every person needs to address the mentality that leads to a shameful ideology like that. Every part of the society is reponsible for this – from the families, especially parents who ignore the blessing being given to them, the doctors who are supposed to be the gods to the newborn, and end up being the shameless killers, the society that promotes this mindset and those who are aware of this but stay silent.

Drug De-addiction

Drugs have weakened the pillars of strength of our establishment by capturing the youth in its stump. A significant part of the population is being affected by this social evil in present times. Children exposed to it at a young age due to bad company or inappropriate exposure fall into its trap. Youth Veerangnayen have been working tirelessly to recognise and address the prevailing of this hazard to the society.
We have been spreading awareness about this sin among college and school students, and locals in villages, towns and cities. We have acted as ears to the youth sharing their views and knowledge on it. There have been numerous campaigns in institutions and local places organised by Youth Veerangnayen as sources of knowledge to the society. Moreover, Youth Veerangnayen have served as support pillars for those asking for help to leave their addiction. For this, we have been awaring people to overcome their addiction to any type of drugs and help them reach out for help, get them admitted to rehabilitation centers where they are provided adequate guidance and support to get rid of this bane from their lives and get back to a healthy and happy life.
Youth Veerangnayen has a wide network of women to reach every single part of the society and make sure their efforts are fruitful in fighting drugs.


Child Labour

Child Labour has ended the dreams of lakhs of children to learn, grow and become something in life. At an age when they are supposed to learn and play, children are forced to work in inappropriate conditions and make a living for themselves and their families. Youth Veerangnayen believes that every child deserves to go to school. Many a times, child labour exists because of parents who are selfish and looking for some extra family income. Rather than investing in their children’s future to turn them into human resources for their families and country in future, they see them as easy income sources, compromising their future. But there are many cases when children, specially orphans are forced into this evil by due to the lack of resources. In such cases, their employers are supposed to be human enough to see them as children and either educate them or get them the right help and resources, rather than giving them jobs that ruin their childhood.
Youth Veerangnayen believes in bringing the significant changes in children’s future. For this, Youth Veerangnayen has been teaching the disadvantaged children and providing them free books and other study materials. Youth Veerangnayen go to slum areas and indulge in dialogue with families about the role of education in children’s life. Most children from poor families go to work with family members to earn their livelihood. Youth Veerangnayen has opened many study centers where poor children come to educate and the timings for most of the centers are flexible. The concept of providing the education with no cost has begun in many states of India. Youth Veerangnayen has opened many study centers where poor children come for education. Children love to come to study in these centers as earlier they were not able to go to schools and were not getting any educational help.
Other than this, Youth Veerangnayen has been active in all areas possible to detect and address any cases of child labour.


In twenty first century, it is shameful to admit that there are still so many cases of dowry and what’s even more disheartening is the extent of these cases surpasses the limits of humanity, where the bride is subjected to inhumane behaviour or even forced to die. Youth Veerangnayen strongly condemns the existence of such mentality. In a society where a girl is seen as a source of dowry, and this ideology is manifested, a sinful future is inevitable.
No doubt the modern education is not being implemented appropriately if the educated part of the society doesnt stand against it and doesnt consider it, its duty to forbid it and spread awareness about it. Youth Veerangnayen stand in support of women who are subjected to brutal behaviour for dowry and constantly encourage them to stand against this evil, not just for the sake of themselves but for society in general. We look upto other women who stand with us and see a better future where this shameful mentality of the society changes and women are considered equal to men. Marriages should be based on healthy relationships between two people and their families, where green only reflects a condemnable and shameful approach for an educated society.

Domestic Violence

In a society where people refer to themselves as educated and the growth is at its heights, an evil like domestic violence should have been out of question. But unfortunately this is not the case. Every month, more than lakhs of cases of domestic violence are registered most of them are left unattended to. This is a matter of utter shame that we are witnessing physical violence in a phase of modern education. In any case, domestic violence is completely unacceptable and inhumane. Mostly women are the victims of this social evil.
Youth Veerangnayen has reached out to women in villages, towns and cities, and stood firmly with women who have witnessed domestic violence of any form. It is impossible to fight this evil unless women stand for each other, to support them take a stand together. Women should understand that they are the origin of life in this society and it’s only through their own empowerment that the society is going to boom into something better for their own children. Infact, what children witness within their families, they grow up to reflect the same in future. Hence, by accepting anything inhuman with themselves, women are only paving way to the same to repeat in future with the coming generations. They are infesting the same mindsets within their children.
Other than spreading awareness among women about their rights and responsibilities towards other women, Youth Veerangnayen have reached out as strong support for those looking out for strength and guidance to stand against domestic violence and eradicate this social evil completely from the society.