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Youth Veerangnayen is a non-political, non-religious, not-for-profit NGO that came into existence on 31st August 2010. Our theme “EmPOWERing You” is the premise for our beliefs and practices. In Hindu mythology, the word “VEERANGANA (वीरांगना)” symbolizes “a female warrior” on the battlefield. In today’s context the same principle is applied with the arms being education, self-reliance, resilience and new economic opportunities as communities rebuild.


Youth Veerangnayen society intends to elevate the status of females who are downtrodden, underprivileged, neglected by society and enmeshed in the cobweb of drugs, prostitution. The Society is established for the promotion of spiritual, physical and mental development of destitute and underprivileged womenfolk irrespective of their caste, creed or religion and for whole mankind in general.


Youth Veerangnayen has been contributing to the crusade against drug addiction, female foeticide, illiteracy and many other social evils. Over the years, we have established several projects which include certified job oriented vocational training in tailoring, beautician, making handbags and pickles at home etc. and free tuition centres for those who cannot afford regular school. Our projects are operational in more than 8 states that include Delhi, Rajasthan, Haryana and Punjab.

Women Empowerment

Youth Veerangnayen, in accordance with the spirit of its mission, has opened multiple avenues to those women who are desirous of starting ventures to earn a livelihood for themselves and their families thereby becoming independent and self reliant. Some of the Live examples of EmPOWERment in this area have been visualized through

  • Job oriented Vocational Training (certified course) for women and unemployed youth. The courses include tailoring(6 months certificate course), beautician(6 months certificate course), pickle making, knitted garments, handbags etc.
  • Rehabilitation of victims of trafficking for women and children


President Message

Drug De Addiction

The Youth Veerangnayen Society has hosted free addiction and recovery training seminars with the focus being in the youth of country specially in schools…

Female Foeticide

Youth Veerangnayen strongly believes in mobilizing an ideological movement against female foeticide, female infanticide and gender inequality in order to eradicate…

Struggle Against Social Evils

Woman was born free, but everywhere she is in chains” This project aims towards rehabilitation of women who are forced into prostitution racket…

Child Education

Child education-Literacy your life, Your future!! Youth Veerangnayen has made formal education available to those victims who are still in the school going…

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Gloria Steinem

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