When the going gets tough, the tough get going!

The volunteers at Youth Veerangnayen are committed to serving society, especially at the grassroots. The COVID-19 pandemic turned people’s lives upside down. Globally, people were battling a new organism, a virus, which spread through the air we breathed, got stuck to the surfaces we touched, and spread faster where people gathered. In absence of a preventive or curative measure, people protected themselves with masks, face shields, washed hands often, used sanitizers where they did not have access to water, and distanced themselves.

COVID-19 Relief Panipat

Governments world over thought it was wise to impose complete lockdowns, preventing people from going out of their houses. In this process of saving lives, there was an unforeseen loss of livelihoods. Here in India, while doctors and scientists were busy learning about the virus and how to strengthen our immunity against it, the major brunt of lockdown was borne by the salaried class and the daily wagers. Most of these people had either lost their jobs or worked intermittently, as and when they found one. This has not only impacted the financial status of families but given rise to several mental health issues as well. The daily wagers, mostly migrant workers, who had lost their jobs, moved en masse to their native villages, for food in their bellies and a roof on their heads.

While people were busy saving themselves and their families from the coronavirus, the team of Youth Veerangnayen was and is on its mission of selfless service. Wearing masks on their faces and with a strong will to satiate the hunger of the needy, they distributed essential items to those who have lost their income and have no access to supplies for their family. These included migrant workers, vulnerable groups like pregnant women and small children, and those below the poverty line.

As the world continues to tackle newer variants of the virus, we continue our work through the following ways:

  • Food Distribution Campaigns
  • Distributing Corona-kits, Masks and Sanitizers
  • Tackling Vaccine Hesitancy and organizing vaccination camps