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Our Initiatives

Youth Veerangnayen making a positive change in women lives who are willing to learn and would like to succeed in their lives. Youth Veerangnayen running many free vocational courses to empower the women and make them realise what they are capable to do. These vocational courses provided by experts such as stitching courses, beautician courses, art classes where they can explore their ideas and able to earn for their livelihood. Along with training in vocational areas, Youth Veerangnayen has bought the needed equipment so they can commence their small business. The trained women also encourage other needy women to ask for help and show them how they can have self esteem as well as self-respect in the society with realistic way. Youth Veerangnayen’s vocational courses are not limited to certain areas because members of Youth

Vocational Courses

Veerangnayen provide these vocational courses with flexibility of time and place. In India, there are still some rural areas where ladies are not allowed to travel far away from their homes due to safety issues etc. then Youth Veerangnayen arrange training in their areas by considering these facts. Youth Veerangnayen vocational courses have instilled new hope in many women lives as a good source of income.

Vocational Trainings - Youth Veerangnayen
Diet to pregnant ladies

Initiatives for pregnant women

Youth Veerangnayen have taken several initiatives targeting the welfare of pregnant women. This includes providing nutritious diet to pregnant and poor ladies, raising awareness for medical check ups, rights, diet, other cares. All these activities have been executed with the intent to promote the motto – ‘Swasth Bacha, Swasth Samaj’, as the children are the future of this society. Hence, a healthy child will grow into a healthy youngster and healthy youth will ultimately make a healthy nation.

Mask Preparation

Youth Veerangnayen, as a park of initiatives to fight against COVID-19, have been actively engaged in making masks at home for bulk production and distribution. These masks have been then distributed in the identified areas along with spreading awareness about the importance of wearing these masks to stop the spread.

mask preparation
covid 19 help

Essentials distribution during Covid-19

Youth Veerangnayen members have been distributing ration kits and face masks to the needy during the pandemic. We actively identified and reached out to the people who were suffering due to loss of their daily wages or families who have lost their source of income during the pandemic.

Drug De Addiction

Drug addiction is a growing problem in our society today. A drug is a substance that changes the mind and body. Most drug abuse begins in previous years and adolescence, and these are the most important years in the growth process. As most families are supported and cared for by women, women play a key role in teaching the young, ensuring health care and maintaining links with and mobilizing community support where necessary. Youth Veerangnayen play a key role in recognising and utilizing women as a resource for drug prevention and treatment in families. We serve people by hosting free addiction and recovery training seminars with the focus being on the youth of country. We also assist with any necessary treatment free of cost for the needy and follow up with regular counselling.


Child Education

Child education-Literacy your life, Your future!! Youth Veerangnayen has made formal education available to those victims who are still in the school going age but not able to attend the school due to certain reasons, while non formal education has been made accessible to adults.

The society is running free study centers all over India, where free education is provided to children belonging to downtrodden families. We emphasize on making children morally as well as mentally strong to face the world.

Child Education