A woman is a force to be reckoned with. She can lead villages, states, countries effortlessly; her visions can build billion-dollar businesses and run economies. But, first, they need to have a say in household decision-making. We, the Youth Veerangnayen, are supporting women in rural India on their journey to becoming independent and being recognized in their communities. Read on to learn how we do that!

Despite women being elected into positions of responsibility, as Sarpanches, as lawmakers, and entrepreneurs, their contribution to the Indian labour workforce in 2021 still remains abysmally low. According to the World Economic Forum, only 22.3% of the Indian workforce is women. This staggering statistic indicates the extent to which our women are suppressed.

We provide rural women education, vocational training, and skill development workshops so that there are long-lasting changes in women’s mobility, social interaction, labour patterns, control over decision making and their access to various resources. Our volunteers have opened multiple avenues for women desirous of earning their livelihood, starting their ventures and becoming independent and self-reliant. We take tiny steps but we move with strong determination. We cooperate with locals, government support functions, and commit to generating solutions that drive true change.

We run free basic education centres, free stitching centres and beauty training centres across several states. Over the last decade, we have impacted the lives of several thousand women and helped them change their life trajectories.