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Women Empowerment

The society stands on the shoulders of women, as much as it stands on that of men. Unfortunately, the equality of their contribution is often compromised and the importance of their role is not recognised in most parts of the society. In times like this, women empowerment becomes the need of the hour to maintain the balance in the society which is the foundation of a stable economy.

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The empowerment of women is the need of an hour as the talent embedded in women are suppressed. In olden times women had faced many brutal practices and today also there are places who have the mentality that women are just there for cooking and begetting. The core objective of framing Youth Veerangnayen is to make women independent by providing them education, vocational training, skill development, counselling and self-help skills. In order to bring women empowerment, lots of changes are required in women’s mobility, social interaction, Labour patterns, control over decision making and access to control over various resources. Youth Veerangnayen, in accordance with the spirit of its mission, have opened multiple avenues to those women who are desirous of starting ventures to earn a livelihood for themselves and their families thereby becoming independent and self-reliant. We take tiny steps but we move with strong determination and take responsible risk to benefit maximum people. With the of co-operation of locals, government support functions, we designed a plan and committed to generate innovative solutions that drive true change.

Among our initiatives for making women self-reliant, we have free basic education, free stitching centres and beauty training centres, etc. Youth Veerangnayen have also paid special attention to teaching self-defence to women and have been organising karate and other self-defence sessions for the same. This not only makes women independent but gives them the confidence to feed their families and give education to their children. Other than these, Youth Veerangnayen have been organising women healthcare campaigns across villages, slums and towns, especially for pregnant women. Such healthcare campaigns have raised awareness at a great level across these areas and provided women with basic health education, that allows them to raise healthier families. Women health is therefore an essential part of women empowerment that Youth Veerangnayen has always paid close attention to.