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Nov 24, 2020



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COVID-19 pandemic has proven to be disastrous for health and the economy around the world. Adverse impacts of COVID-19 have been unprecedented. We are all aware of the direct consequences it has brought to our day to day lives including losing jobs, stress, impact on health etc., but the impact of this pandemic hasn’t been just limited to health and the economy, there has been an increase in the cases of violence against women. Domestic violence has long been a serious issue in households across the world, especially in India and COVID has added to this menace. It has become extremely difficult for women who have stuck at home with the culprits of domestic violence. There has been a huge spike in domestic violence cases.

Most of the affected women are not even raising their voice against it or reaching out for help.

Possible Causes

Possible Causes
COVID-19 has been undeniably stressful for all the individuals. Most of the people are not used to such times and are not able to deal with this situation appropriately. It is often leading men to release their stress in the form of violence against their partner. And we all know the Gender and Patriarchal bias in our society where men are considered to be superior to women, and men believe it is their right to abuse their partners, be it physically or mentally.

COVID-19 situation has made things unbearable for women stuck in an environment where they are not physically safe. Women have been reported to be subjected to different forms of mental as well as physical harassment. Where some women had the courage to stand against any type of torture, most of them still stay silent bearing the inhuman behaviour, going through everyday made hell of their lives.

What Can We Do

What Can We Do
Men need to realise that no form of violence is acceptable and it is a punishable crime by law. While the difficult times remain, we should take steps to keep ourselves busy with routine activities that we might not have found time for, had it not been for COVID-19.

Spending time with your kids, working on your physical health, practising Yoga and meditation, playing some sort of sport, talking to your friends are a few ways to reduce stress and control anger and we should encourage them as a part of our lifestyle.

We, as a society, have to come together to eliminate this stain from our country. Families should not shy away from seeking help. There are various counselling centres and helplines who are providing help and support in this matter. Youth Veerangnayen stands in solidarity with the abused women and are there to offer any help.

If the above does not help, women need to show courage and report these violent acts to the rightful authorities.

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