Yes, children are our future. Yes, they are our building blocks of tomorrow. But, will they really change the world when they are scampering for food?

Education is the non-negotiable right of every child. It is the only ladder for the growth and prosperity of human beings, an important tool that enables one to participate in decisions that affect their lives and in improving their social status. But, for children born in poverty, scraping together pennies for one morsel of food is a bleak reality that they need to escape. And so, we focus on providing education to those in these marginalised communities. We do so by:

  • By indulging in dialogue with parents

    By indulging in dialogue with parents

    We help parents in rural areas understand the benefits of schools and job opportunities education can bring. Our volunteers often engage in conversations centred on important issues like the lifelong benefits of education, how child labour compromises their future and so on.

  • By running tuition centres for free

    By running tuition centres for free

    Our volunteers run free evening classes for underprivileged children in several states. The teachers that volunteer with us are more than happy to contribute.

  • By removing the obstacles children face

    By removing the obstacles children face

    Our stationery distribution drives for children enrolled in our tuition centres has significantly increased the children’s motivation to learn while also ensuring that they get access to basic facilities.

  • By fostering creativity

    By fostering creativity

    We organise competitions for school-going children that stimulate young minds and become a platform for them to express their creative selves. Our aim with these competitions is also to educate children about the issues that affect our world.