Inside their homes, women are mothers, nurtures, and caregivers. Outside, they are champions, fighters and bravehearts. Whether inside or out, we know their health is of prime importance. We realise this and run several programs focused on women’s health.

We aid expecting mothers.
During pregnancy, it is vital that the mother be eating healthy and nutritious diets, but hundreds of pregnant women in areas we work cannot afford it. We care for them and their soon-to-be-born children, providing them with nutritious food packages.

Other than that, Youth Veerangnayen have been organising healthcare campaigns targeted towards well being of women across villages, slums and towns, especially for pregnant women. Such healthcare campaigns have raised awareness about health, hygiene and nutrition in  these areas and  have provided women with basic health education that allows them to raise healthier and happier families.

We create awareness about menstrual hygiene. 
The stigma around menstrual hygiene is what our volunteers battle whenever they go out to distribute sanitary napkins and educate rural women on menstrual hygiene and health. Some may ask why, we say why not?

We help women stay fit and learn self-defence.
Aligning with the Fit India initiative, we have taken it upon ourselves to teach women to stay fit. Our International Yoga Day celebrations, yoga camps and marathons throughout the past several years have echoed our sentiments. We have also been focusing on general awareness about inclusion of exercise in daily routine.

Youth Veerangnayen have also paid special attention to teaching self-defence to women and have been organising karate and other self-defence sessions for the same. This not only makes women strong and independent but gives them the confidence to grow in the society to provide for their children and to educate them.