When the world has digitised in all possible ways, the ease of getting valuable education and upgrading one’s skills has multiplied. There are a lot of online tools and course providers that are providing free education in all spheres of life.

Following is a list of few such online free sources of education:

  • Google Grow (grow.google)

Google Grow is a platform by Google to offer free training and education through useful tools and events to advance your career, skills or grow your business. For women who want to start a career in a field, or start with their own business, it is definitely a very valuable tool.

The courses and programs offered by Google Grow are a fit for local businesses, teachers, job seekers, students, developers and startups.

  • Coursera (org)

Coursera is one of the most popular platforms for online learning where top worldwide universities and companies share their education and expertise through customised courses, assignments and sessions in almost all fields. You can enrol in short as well as long duration courses on this website. One of the best things about these courses are that you can apply for scholarships for courses that you are interested into. The method of evaluation on coursera also improves the overall learning of the students.

The courses range from fields including science, mathematics, information technology, arts, data, management, and so on. The courses are self-paced and there are discussion and notes spaces that add to the perks of learning from here. Even companies like Big 4 offer well-designed courses on coursera in various specialisations.

  • Udemy (udemy.com)

Udemy is an online platform with video tutorials for courses around almost everything in all fields. There are free as well as paid courses available here, at low costs. You can map your goal skillset to the syllabus of the course and decide what course suits your career goals.

  • Hubspot (academy.hubspot.com)

Hubspot Academy offers courses that help you digitise your business or simply learn digital marketing, content marketing, wordpress, youtube marketing or other online presentation skills. The best thing about few of the courses are that they provide you with a certification for the course that further helps you boost your CV and grab better opportunities in the job market.

  • EdX (edx.org)

EdX has more than 2000 free online courses in various streams that give you access to the study material of the best universities of the world. You can choose from the list of courses available as per your interests and the institution providing the course.

  • Google Digital Garage (learndigital.withgoogle.com)

Google Digital Garage is a segment of Google Grow that provides free learning content for upgrading the much required digital skills nowadays. The courses include Fundamentals of Digital Marketing, getting a business online, connecting with mobile customers, basics of code, machine learning, business communications, organisational design, Artificial Intelligence and so on.

While now you know a lot of sources to kick-start or improve your career, it’s always wise to keep learning and help others simultaneously. An empowered woman shall always empower others as well. Let’s spread this knowledge with others and rise with the help of better knowledge and exposure.