One of the most challenging and popular task in India is Women empowerment. The gender based discrimination is deep rooted here. Moreover, the social malice present in the countries has been practiced from thousands of years. Undoubtedly, laws and policies have been made. But these are not enough. They just remain on the paper. Definitely, things are not going to go away in a few years. It needs time, and most important- a true attempt to work on it.

If facts are to be considered, in India, women constitute 48.16 per cent of the total population. This alone figure is enough to state that women forms a vital human infrastructure in the country’s development, and their empowerment would definitely accelerate the pace of development.

Women empowerment– it has been a favourite topic among the debaters. A lot has been written and spoken about equality in society. But, nothing great seems to be changed. Where men and women are still fighting for the equal importance in every sector, the rise of crime against women at such an alarming rate, force you to thinks the real stand of empowerment. Who has to be blamed?? Inadequate law enforcement? Men perpetrating the crime? Cultural upbringing? Well, it is really hard to decide the real cause, yet one thing is pretty clear, whoever you feel is responsible, ultimately it is the women who have to bear the brunt of it!

If things are to be changed, they need to be done right way. Women in India need power; the power not to fall victim to any physical or sexual assault, power to make use of their rights, and yes, power to make them stand independently.

Ground level actions are must!

Firstly, things are not going to change overnight.  But, that never means you can stop taking actions either. The only way out is to initiate ground level actions. It might be a smaller one, but the right one, focussed towards changing practices and the social attitude existing in the society.

Good bye gender inequality and gender bias!

Whether a man or a woman, everyone needs to understand that unless the basic social attitude, cultivating gender inequality changes in the country, it is impossible to attain much in terms of women empowerment in India. Laws and amendments play their own role, but the discrimination against women and empower women has to be carried out to end in all aspects of life. There is a dire need to come up as a unifying force and initiate self-empowering actions, that too from the ground level.

Say a strict ‘no’ to violence against women!

For sure, this is one of the most important aspects, when it is about the attitude of the society towards women. It is a sad truth that even today women are treated as burden and liabilities. Not only this, they are also considered as properties. And this is a major reason, which gives birth to the evil of violence against women. Back in 1992 was formed the National Commission of women. Many laws and policy formulations took place for the violence against women. However, stats don’t show much improvement. Attitudinal change and proactive action against violence is the need of the hour.

Thus, it is essential to understand that participation of every single individual is a must have in the development process for women, and ultimately the sustainable development of the country!