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Feb 25, 2019

Mother- the foundation of life, world and society!

Mother- the foundation of life, world and society!

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‘God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers’
~ Rudyard Kipling

If you start surfing for some possible good quotes for ‘mother’, there are endless. And certainly, the one stated above is my favorite…

It is true in every sense. Mother- the first God for every child, the base for every home, and the strength of every family! Defining this word would be unfair, isn’t it? But still, here is an attempt to put some lights on the significance of a mother’s presence in life, society and world. Read on.

Life starts from a mother…

You all know this! It is the mother who holds you in her womb for 9 months, carry you like a precious gem, and then give you birth, marking your presence on earth. And this doesn’t stop here! Even after that, she nurtures you throughout her life.

Mother makes it sociable…

In building the society, moms have a greater role to play. She is the one who teaches her child to be an honest person. Guiding one throughout their life, she lays the base of our society.

World is incomplete without mother…

The world would not be the way it is, if mothers were not there to make it as beautiful as it is today. Every saint, doctor, scientist, teacher, and every living being, arrived from a mother. She makes the world complete.

To conclude, it is just a small message to all the lovely mothers that they are ‘awesome’. And words will fall short of, yet a huge ‘Thanks’ for being there!

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