You might be reading the newspaper or listening to news bulletins concerned with the incidents and accidents happening daily with women in India. Our history values women, but the truth we face today is that in modern India, a woman is regarded to be a second grade citizen. On one hand we are progressing with great pace in development, on the second hand number of glaring and brutal gang rapes is a common act in a state, headed by a woman Chief Minister. Not only this, cruel acts like acid throwing, dowry, rape, domestic violence, harassment and lots more prevails in our society even today.

Women empowerment is the basic need of India today. Creation of a nation where women can take independent decisions for their development and welfare of the society is the aim of Youth Veerangnayen. Our every effort is for the welfare of women and the society. We believe things can be changed with a channelized route for the empowerment of women. For this we have taken some ground level actions focused towards putting an end to the social attitude and prevailing practices in our society. We initiated our work with a group of young women at the root level organizing Drug De-addiction Camps, seminars, rallies, etc. to endow a healthy and decent lifestyle to the society.

We focused on increasing women’s access and control over resources. Hence, we arrange free education for the downtrodden girls and women because only an educated woman can build a healthy family, society and nation. Organizing campaigns, seminars, quizzes, skits, etc. on auspicious days like World Women’s day, World Blood Day, world environment Day is a small contribution to this aim. Arranging self defence training classes for the young females to prevent them from insecure and vulnerable environment of today is one of initiative of Youth Veerangnayen. Another initiative includes setting up of self employment centres teaching short term courses like stitching, knitting, beauty courses, etc. to make them economically sufficient.

All there is a need for all of us is to get together with associations like Youth Veerangnayen to empower the women. We aim toward nourishing, building and maintaining a healthy and safe environment for women of India.