Since years we have been talking about evils like female foeticide, dowry, sexual harassment and many others. But on the ground level nothing has changed much, the sex ratio of India is the best example for this scenario. The crime against women starts at the time of her birth. Firstly, the innocent foetus is killed in her mother’s womb. Her parents, family and the whole society are involved in this inhuman act. If this persists, sooner the situation will arise when males will not be able to find a partner for them.

Secondly, if she is allowed to enter this world the problem arises about the cost of raising a daughter. Third crimes come into the scene at the time of her marriage. A tradition where the bride’s family pay a large amount to the groom’s family, the “dowry” crime is the worry of every girls parent. Even after this, the list of crimes doesn’t end here and there is no end to all such stigmas. All such activities have made the life and society a hell for a woman. Besides, the rate of crime against women is increasing at a rapid speed. Metro cities or the small towns or the villages, crimes like sexual harassment, rape, kidnapping, etc have become common.
For fighting against such evils, the only solution we are left with is educating and empowering the women. There is a strong need for the women of our society to be physically and mentally strong. Things cannot be changed overnight, but yes our small attempts will be helpful in lightning the fire. For this youth veerangnayen, a non-profitable and non-political organization came into action in the year 2010.  With an aim to work hard for women and child welfare, drug de-addiction, woman empowerment and lot more. We have dedicated members all over India from every age group supporting and working for this noble cause.

Youth Veerangnayen has cherished lives of thousands women, providing them shelter, employment and respect in the society. We aim toward a healthy and safe environment. For this, we are working continuously on the following objectives:

  • Encouraging the society against the social evils like female foeticide, child-marriage, child labour, dowry system, etc.
  • Arrangement of free self-defence classes for women
  • Providing free education to poor children and establishment of educational institutes for them
  • Provision of self-employment schemes and programmes like opening stitching centres, beauty courses, computer centres, etc.
  • Provision of free primary health care services and awareness for pregnant women
  • Arrangement of  shelter for the widows

All above mentioned objectives are a small contribution toward our society. We appreciate the support and response of the citizens of India toward our association. We also request the youth of India to contribute and come together against such evils.