The life of a girl is not so easy, the battle for her life commences right from the day she is conceived in her mother’s womb. Her survival and existence is similar to game of Pitch and Toss. The statistics show that 10 million female foetuses have been aborted in India. Moreover, the ratio of girls to that of the boys is decreasing day by day.

It is a real shame for a nation that believes the feminine gender to be the universal creative force, to be at such a crucial stage.  The biggest tragedy is that even the mothers, for whatsoever the reason is, gets ready to end up the life of her child merely because she is a girl. The reason may vary; the fact which remains constant is that a girl child is unwanted in India.

To eradicate this social evil, there is a severe need to study this problem in a detailed manner. The urge to dig deep into the roots, might get us a perfect solution. For this, Youth Veerangnayen has taken some major steps. We have observed that, one of the potent reasons behind this is lack of education among the common citizens. Our team with an aim to eliminate this inhuman act completely has taken steps major steps as follows:

  • To organize various programs like rallies and seminars aiming toward educating people in villages, small towns and large cities
  • To encourage the going-to-be parents about the significance of a girl child in their families and our society
  • To arrange free health check-up camps for pregnant women
  • To provide an adequate diet to the poor pregnant women
  • To arrange free education and free tuition for poor children
  • To educate people against the related social malaises like dowry, early marriage, women’s unemployment and exploitation

We believe that actions speak louder than words, and therefore various affirmative actions have been taken by our organization. One of the best examples is the Shahi Betiyan Basera, a heavenly home for the girls who would have been killed in the womb by their parents. This residential complex is a fully A.C. residence to 23 girls. The girls residing here are getting educated in the CBSE English Medium School and have access to the best facilities in sports.

The time has come when we need to focus on the implication rather than making out fruitless strategies. Unless we take a step ahead, these practices will continue to flourish. The result will end up in the sex selective abortions and no sooner women will enter into the list of endangered species. We seek your joining and support to the team of Youth Veerangnayen. We believe that it will strengthen our team and movement to end such evils.